Thursday, April 30, 2015

Nashville airport plans for flight to Cuba

Nashville airport plans for flight to Cuba
Jamie McGee, 9:37 a.m. CDT April 29, 2015

The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority, which announced a nonstop
flight to Seattle Tuesday, is planning a connecting flight to Cuba,
according to airport officials.

Choice Aire airline, launching in May, is seeking for permission from
Cuban authorities to chart a connecting flight from Nashville through
Miami. If approved, the airline could start flying Nashvillians with
appropriate permits to Cuba as early as June, said Trudy Carson,
director of air service development.

The flight development comes as President Obama has sought to normalize
relations with Cuba by lifting travel and commerce sanctions.

"We want to be positioned in front of other airports to have that
connection," Carson said.

Only a few airports have authority to fly under certain circumstances,
said Rob Wigington, MNAA CEO. "Cuba is just a really great opportunity,"
he said.

While permitted travelers can travel to Cuba through Miami currently,
the new airline will allow them to check bags for the entire trip.

In addition to Miami, Choice Aire will also be offering flights to
Atlantic City for Nashville travelers.

Beyond the Seattle trip, Nashville is looking to Portland for additional
flights, along with London and Tokyo internationally, Wigington said.

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