Thursday, December 27, 2007

Six Cuban musicians in Miami after defecting

Six Cuban musicians in Miami after defecting
Posted on Thu, Dec. 27, 2007

Six of the seven members of the popular Cuban musical group Los Tres de
la Habana arrived in Miami on Wednesday after crossing the Mexican
border to ask for political asylum in the United States.

The group had been appearing in Cancun, Mexico, as part of a cultural
exchange. On Dec. 17 the six decided to cross the border by way of
Tijuana in Baja California and seek asylum.

''After we crossed the border we were in Los Angeles for several days to
arrange future projects for the group,'' Germán Pinelli, the group's
director, told El Nuevo Herald.

The group is made up of three singers and several musicians. A seventh
member of the group, José Antonio Canals, decided to return to Cuba for
personal reasons.

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