Sunday, January 29, 2006

Boat, Believed From Cuba, Still Missing

Boat, Believed From Cuba, Still Missing
POSTED: 9:25 am EST January 28, 2006
UPDATED: 10:07 am EST January 28, 2006

MIAMI -- Authorities called off the search for a homemade boat carrying 15
people that disappeared amid fog and ocean swells off the Florida Keys.
Both Customs and Coast Guard officials said they believed the boat was from
Authorities suspended their search Friday after failing to find debris from
the vessel or the missing passengers in the three-day search.
A Customs and Border Protection Black Hawk helicopter crew first spotted the
wooden craft on a routine flight shortly before dusk Wednesday about 46
miles off the U.S. coast.
Officials covered more than 1,400 square miles using two C-130 propeller
planes and a Coast Guard cutter.

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