Saturday, October 29, 2005

IACHR worried about Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Cuba

IACHR worried about Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Cuba

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) voiced Friday
concern about freedom of expression in Venezuela, political instability
in Ecuador, "captive communities" in Bolivia, crisis in Nicaragua, and
human rights in Cuba.

"The IACHR expresses its concern for the effects of criminal law reform
(in Venezuela) upon the exercise of the freedom of expression, as well
as the effects of the Law of social responsibility for radio and
television," president Clare Roberts said at the end of the 123rd
regular session.

The Commission reiterated its interest in carrying out an on-site visit
and deplored the critical situation of the persons deprived of their
liberty. However, it noted as positive the efforts made to face the
issue of extra-judicial execution.

As to Ecuador, the IACHR president commented, "the institutional
fragility of the rule of law continues to be a source of deep concern
the Inter-American Commission," and recalled that last April, the
Congress dismissed president Lucio Gutiérrez.

Regarding Bolivia, "of particular concern is the situation of the
so-called 'captive communities' of the Guarani community in the Bolivian
Chaco, who are living in slave-like conditions."

In Nicaragua, "the State authorities, political leaders and civil
society organizations all highlighted the negative effects this
political crisis on the effective vigilance of human rights in the country."

As usual, Cuba was also subject to criticism. "The restriction of
political rights, freedom of expression, and dissemination of ideas have
over decades become a permanent situation and a systematic violation of
the fundamental rights of Cuban citizens."

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