Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2018 - Elections and Transfer of Powers

2018: Elections and Transfer of Powers / Reinaldo Escobar
Posted on July 29, 2013

Sixty years after having initiated the actions to seize power,
General-President Raul Castro finds it opportune to emphasize that "the
process of transferring the main responsibilities of leadership of the
nation to new generations is ongoing, gradual and orderly."

At a time when those who, as children, founded the Pioneers Organization
are beginning to retire, the news makes it clear that "the principals
responsible for leading the nation" are not as concerned with the
nominations made by Nominations Committee as they are with establishing
Articles 73 and 143 of the Cuban Electoral Act; and it is also evident
that — given that it is all about a gradual and orderly transfer and not
about democratic elections — there is no point to the vote of the
parliamentarians who have to approve (or disapprove) such nominations.

Everything is already decided! All that's lacking is some 1,700 days to
produce "the baton." In some drawer, particularly obscure, lies the list.

29 July 2013

Source: "2018: Elections and Transfer of Powers / Reinaldo Escobar |
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