Monday, February 25, 2008

Glance at Cuba's Council of State

Glance at Cuba's Council of State
By The Associated Press

Powers of Cuba's governing Council of State:

_Represents National Assembly, or parliament, between regular sessions.

_Proposes legislation and dictates new laws by decree when parliament
not in session; interprets existing laws when necessary.

_Calls special parliament sessions and sets dates for legislative
elections, usually once every five years.

_Decrees general mobilization of population if country threatened; can
declare war in event of aggression if parliament cannot meet because of
urgency or security concerns.

_May reshuffle Cabinet between regular parliament sessions.

_Suspends Cabinet decrees and local parliament decrees it considers out
of line with constitution or existing laws or have negative effect on
local or national interests.

_Bestows medals and honorific titles, names commissions, ratifies
treaties, grants pardons, accepts or rejects diplomatic representatives
from other countries, designates and removes Cuban diplomats.

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